Our Vision for Panmure Primary School 2018

 Panmure Primary School to be seen as a valued and respected establishment in the local community. It’s an inviting place where students receive a quality education. We take pride in nurturing close relationships with students, parents, family and teachers. We enjoy working together to build strong partnerships with the wider community. Students, staff and parents are viewed as respectful, caring, cooperative, productive community members who contribute positively to and take pride in being an integral part of the local, rural community. It’s a school that parents want their children to attend and one which students are proud, enthusiastic and happy to belong.    

Panmure Primary School is dedicated to providing our students with a quality education that caters for individual differences and enables all students to attain their full potential. The development of leadership skills and a strong sense of community are promoted at our school through our students’ active involvement in school activities and events within the wider community.     

At Panmure Primary School we value: Respect Care Honesty Teamwork The 5 Keys to School Success (Organisation, Resilience, Getting Along, Persistence and Confidence).    

Using our values and the 5 Keys our goal is to ensure our students' feel safe, enthusiastic, valued and respected.   Our students are friendly, caring and respectful and enjoy learning and coming to school. They display initiative, leadership and provide a supportive environment where individual students feel safe and confident to learn both individually and as part of a team. Our enthusiastic, supportive, caring staff members are dedicated to ensuring each student is provided with an individualised program, which meets their needs and enables them to progress and grow academically, personally and socially, at their own rate. 
Students achieving their full potential as well as their safety, well-being and welfare are always paramount in our staff’s endeavours.      

@Panmure Primary School